Alfresco Dining

For cafés and restaurants it is an asset to provide a shaded outside seating area for clients to enjoy. A shade sail or awning will provide your guests with protection from the harmful sun rays and enhance the look of your premises to attract more customers. 

Shade Sails for Commercial Premises

A shade sail or an awning can enhance the look of any commercial premises, providing an appealing and sun safe entrance way and help to protect your window stock from harmful sunrays. Canvas covers for work vehicles, such as UTE covers, can provide a smart way to protect a valuable asset.


Shade Sails for Accommodation Facilities

A shade sail can enhance the look of any premises, provide an appealing and sun safe entrance way and a shaded outside seating area for guests to enjoy. A shade sail around a pool or spa area is a perfect location for your clients to relax and enjoy their stay.


Shade Sails for Play Areas

Shade sails are a necessity for the outside play areas in schools to protect children from the damaging sun rays. With the right choice of material, the shade sails can also provide a dry area for the children to play during the showery times. With the added benefit of looking great and provides a fun place for kids to play.


Shade Sails for the Home

For your personal use, a shade sail in your home can expand your outside living areas so you can enjoy both summer and winter cover, plus enhancing the design of your garden and home.

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