If you wish to extend your outside living area without compromising on your light or view a drop curtain is the perfect solution. Installed around your deck or verandah the drop curtain can not only keep out the wind and the rain but provide you with the feeling of still being able to entertain outside – even in the middle of winter. In addition, each individual curtain can be rolled up and secured with straps when not required.




Each drop curtain is made especially to suit your area and requirements using high quality materials. The drop curtains are edged with a PVC material which is available in a variety of colours for you to choose from.


In addition to home use, the diversity of uses for drop curtains are enormous:


  • Schools, playcentres, kindergartens, child care centres. Not only do the drop curtains provide more space for the children to play in on wet and windy days, but they also allow the natural light in which gives the child a feeling of still playing outside.


  • Cafes and Restaurants. During the colder months rather than restrict the number of clients you can serve, by installing drop curtains you will still be able to use your outside area for dining. Not only will your clients enjoy sitting in the sun whilst being protected from the wind, at night with a strategic placed heater you will still be able to use the area for night-time dinning. 





Ziptrak® is an outdoor blind system with an easy to use track-guided design that glides smoothly and stops at any height. Available in a variety of colours with clear or mesh screen.

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